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Chrm...chrm...yeah I'm still alive. Sorry for didn#t posting for like ages, I kinda forgot about my page here *feels ashamed*
But so, now I've got holidays so I hope I can finally fix all the stuff here.
I also thought about moving to Wordpress (well actually I wanted to go there from the beginning) but I first have to figure out how coding works there xD SO wish me luck my friends!

Okay, what else...nearly one week ago I finally came home from Sweden...I wished I could have stayed there for longer 'cause it was just awesome!! Stockholm is such an amazing city, I'd rather wanna live there instead of here in my little village.
More details in the next blog ;-)

Apart from nearly dying because of the heat here I feel just brilliant Today Lea bought her train ticket to me in October and now we just need to buy our tickets to Dresden for the Deathstars concert as well and everthing will be just perfect Yeha, will become an really great autumn!!


Rock on! ♥

17.8.09 17:33

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