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Yippie Yippie Yeah!

I know, long time ago that I postet a blog, I'm sorry guys! I've been really busy with school stuff but now it's getting better, just 4 class tests to write the next time,5 are already written!!

Two days ago I've been in Freiburg at ZMF to go to the Deicking concert with Lulu and it was just sooooo amazing!! It was fucking hot in the tent and we were so sweating, you can't imagine!! but nevertheless it was just a fucking great concert!! The atmosphere at this concert was one of the best ever!! And now my cousin, Lulu and I were planning to also go to Kalrsruhe at the Deickind concert, because they are really worth the money!!

And also just 26 days I think until I have holidays and two days later I'm already together with Lea ♥ I'm sooo looking forward to that, we're flying to Sweden then!!!

But before that there are still a few weekends where here are some celebrations in the cities around!! Yeha, partytime!!!

Okay, what else can I tell you...I think that was all...and yeah, I'm also sorry that it's still so empty here, but somehow I don't have the inspiration or motivation to do something here, I'm just way to lazy.

 So guys, keep rocking!!

4.7.09 13:00

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