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Wasting time?

Hello guys and girls out there, how are you? I'm really fine, Ive been laying outside in the sun all day long...well at least not all day long, but pretty much of it xD Seems also like I really have nothing to do during the last days of my holidays, I finished all my school stuff and now I'm kinda bored...I'm just sitting in front of my computer or outside, where is my life gone??

But okay, I don't wanna complain, I'm rather bored than doing stupid school stuff all day long xD The only thing I'm wonderin about ist, why the hell is this blog still so...empty even if I obviously have nothing to do?! xD

Actually there are lots of things I should do...for example creating layouts for Mibba and Livejournal, translating several stories into english and I'm sure there's even more I should do but seems like I'm never in the right mood to do that, I think I'm just way to lazy...

But well, at the moment I'm actually just wasting time until my cousin arrives at the train station, maybe we'll go into some restaurant later or something ♥

Okay, that should be enough for one day, I'll write a new entry when something happend here and it doesn't look like...nothing...any longer. So I hope you stay tuned even if it's still kinda boring here, I know ;-)
4.6.09 18:00

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