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New Blog, new Layout, new Language!

What you can see here is the new version of the moved Blog ThinkNegative. It's still under construction and I think it'll still take me some days to get all stuff fixed here.

I don't think how long I will keep this blog here 'cause actually I have my blog on an other Webpage, but my layout isn't compatible with Wordpress so far so that I have to use this blog until I'm done with editing the code.
One reason I don't use just this blog is this fucking merchandise stuff which used to be really in the CENTER of my header but now I managed to change it's position so that you can just see it if you scroll to the right side, tschakka!

Okay, why is this blog in English now? Easy question - easy answer. I changed to English because of several friends who don't speak german...and I think it's a good practice for my English, so don't be annoyed or angry if there are some mistakes ;-) I'm still learrning.

So, that's all so far, stay tuned until the blog is completely ready!
2.6.09 15:44

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